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Tips to relax

and have Fun

It is important to have relax and have fun during your Senior session.  This is a start to anew and exciting time in your lives and we want to capture that excitement!   Some of the best photos happen when you are relaxed and just having fun.  Once you have the outfits planned it should be smooth sailing from there.  If you are having trouble with selecting outfits head on over to my Senior Style Guide for some tips to make it easy!  But if you've got that down, read below to see 5 tips to relax and have fun at your Senior session.

#1 Location

When choosing a location choose somewhere that is meaningful to you .  Whether its time you have spent at the beach or the joy you have camping in the woods, make it a place that you enjoy.  It is also good to think about the season you are getting your senior portraits.  But most importantly, choose a location that you feel comfortable in, it will keep you more relaxed!


#2 Activities

Activities are a great way to give your Senior session something fun and  natural to do while making the session individual and interesting.  It gives your portraits personality and  makes you senior portraits more personal.  It also helps your photographer get to know you to provide you with the session of your dreams because the more relaxed and comfortable you are the better your shots will be.

#3 Hair & Make-Up

If you are a novice or don't feel comfortable doing your own hair or make-up try hiring a professional to do the work for you.  If you are doing your hair and make-up yourself make sure to give yourself a little extra time.  Buy  some new items and test them out a few days before the session.  Remember to wear a little more make up than usual while still keeping it fairly natural as make up doesn't show up as strong in photos.  But no matter what remember you are beautiful!

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tia (3 of 4).jpg

#4 Props

Think about your session and what kinds of props may go with your style of session.  If you don't have the prop check with your photographer to see if they have the prop you are looking for.  Props are a great way to have interaction and bring a little playfulness.  You could use a cap and gown, a beautiful chair, a sign with a cute quote or some balloons.  Make sure that your prop is stylish and even better are unique to you!


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