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Style Guide

         Finding the right combination of outfits for a family session can be overwhelming! Especially the bigger the family gets.  Questions arise like what colors do I pick? Do we go dressy or casual? Does his shirt look good with her dress?  The questions can be never-ending if you don't know where to start.

Spring Outfit

Below find some style tips to help make your experience less stress full and a lot easier.....


Color Palette

Avoid choosing outfits that are too matchy-matchy.  Everyone wearing the same flannel shirt can look a little chaotic and everyone wearing a black shirt can look like heads with no bodies.  Instead, choose a color scheme with 2-3 colors that compliment each other.  For example, neutral colors like grey or navy blue paired with a green or yellow.  Coordinating everyone's outfits around that will help make the process easy and effortless.




Keep the outfits simple, so that they don't distract.  With more people in the photo to many patterns, lines, or colors can make a  picture look messy and distract from what is important.  Your Family!!  Ditch the logos and shirts with large graphics since they eye will directly focus on those.

Dress to


Make sure to avoid sleeveless shirts.  Now, I don't mean dresses or tops with straps.  I mean things like tank tops, cut-off shirts and tube tops.  As much as one might think it is flattering, it is NOT!  These can reveal unwanted tan lines.  On the flip side, ladies, extremely short dresses, skirts or shorts are not a good idea.  Sometimes you have to sit to take a photo and we don't want things being revealed! 

Layer it


Layers are a great way to add dimension to your outfits.  It also helps to add more pops of color without being too overwhelming.  Mom's, add a cute scarf or sweater to compliment your outfit.  Dads, layer a t-shirt with a button-up or cardigan.  Girls, try some tights or leggings under a skirt or a cute jacket with a dress.  Boys, use vests and jackets to avoid the plain t-shirt and pants look.  This allows you to easily coordinate outfits without everyone wearing the same color shirt.

Let's recap & take a look at some Do's and Don'ts to make your portrait style perfect!.....


1. Wear shoes that you can easily walk in.

2.  Make your outfits timeless and classic, which includes simple dresses, button downs, rompers, khakis, ballet flats, brown boots, scarves & blazers.

3.  Use trendy items as accent pieces such as sequins, patterned clothing, headbands or hats.

4.  Keep the colors to 2-3 choices.  Don't do only one color and don't add more then three.  Too much color lends to a messy, distracting portrait.

5.  Make sure to wear clothes that flatter you.  Avoid short sleeves, tank tops, short dresses or skirts.

6.  Keep your outfits comfortable.  Anything stiff and too formal will translate in the picture.

7.  Make sure to put on enough make-up to show up in pictures, but not so much that it looks un-natural.  Fake eyelashes are always a great way to enhance your make-up for portraits.

8.  Give yourself plenty of time to find the right outfits.

9.  Remember  to bring things such as baby wipes, stain remover pen, or a brush.  You never know what can get messed up or out of place.

10. Remember to keep your location in mind when choosing your outfits. 



1.  Don't Wear logos, large patterns and  clothing with wording on them.

2.  Don't put small children or newborns in uncomfortable clothing.  It is another thing to irritate or make them upset.

3.  Don't wear outfits that are too matchy-matchy.  Mix it up and compliment colors.

4.  Don't forget to accessorize.  Belts, scarves, jewelry and socks are a great way to add a pop of color.

5.  Don't purchase your outfit the day of your session.  Give yourself at least a week in advance to figure out the perfect combinations.

6.  Don't get a spray tan the day before your session. Allow some time for your skin to look natural.  The camera naturally will enhance any orange tint.

7.  don't get haircuts the week or day of your portrait

session.  Allow time in case you don't like your haircut!

8.  wear see through shirts or bright colored bras.  Keep your bra neutral.

9.  don't have chipped or bright neon colored nail polish.  Have your nail polish color coordinate with your outfit, keep it neutral or no nail polish at all.

10.  Don't forget to relax  and have fun.