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Style Guide

Senior Portraits are the start to your next adventure in life! So you don't want to stress or feel the pressure about what to wear to make your session perfect.  The decision on what to wear can be a daunting task.  This is a session that will capture that special time in your life.  Not to mention you can slide over the fine line of cliche or too matchy-matchy.  Well don't worry because below I have put together some Senior session outfit tips and most importantly the do's and don'ts to make your portraits look fabulous!

Seasonal Picks

There are many different syles that you can choose for your engagment session.  It is important to keep you portraits consistent with the feel or theme of you wedding. Your styles should be  fool proof styles and your portraits should be effortless and stylish.

Comfortable & Casual

Choose outfits that are comfortable for you and match your style.  Don't always go for what is the most in style.  It may not be flattering in a photo.  Keep the colors simple and compliment your skin tone.  Try to avoid any fabrics that are too busy or too bright.  Girls, this comfortable style can be pants and can also be a dress.  Pair a pair of jeans with a cute top or sweater.  If, you go the dress route, keep it simple and more flowing with a cinch at the waist.  Wear comfortable shoes, boots or go bare foot.  Try to avoid heels.  Keep the make -up simple, we want to see your natural beauty!  Wear your hair down with some loose flowing curls.  Boys,  in this style you want to go with a comfy pair of pants or shorts.  Keep the shirts simple, a simple t-shirt in a color that compliments your tone will look great in a photo.  Don't be afraid to layer with a cardigan or a flannel shirt.  

Kamdyn (8 of 1).jpg
kamdyn (35 of 1).jpg
kamdyn (33 of 1).jpg
kamdyn (62 of 1).jpg

All Dressed Up

This is your fancy  more traditional style.  It is your stylish formal Senior portrait.  Here there are no jeans, over-sized sweaters or tennis shoes!  You are dressed to impress and these portraits tend to have a classy upscale effect.  Ladies, go for a long flowing dress or a short tight dress.  Find laces and fabrics that look expensive.  Keep the dress close to a solid color, too many colors can look more chaotic. You want these pictures to be sleek!  For shoes coordinate with some heels that give your dress its finish.  Jewelry is a must and should coordinate with your outfit!  Boys wear a neutral jacket or blazer with dress pants and a neutral dress shirt.  Some neutral colors would be tan, black, gray, or navy blue.  Go for a tie  that has that brings some color.  Wear a brown or black dress shoe (do not wear white shoes!)  Your portraits will be elegant and timeless!

Nicole (3 of 1).jpg
Nicole (2 of 1).jpg
Nicole (5 of 1).jpg
Nicole (6 of 1).jpg

Accessorizing is a Plus

Take this portrait session as an opportunity to play up the accessories.  Accessories allow for a variety shots to be captured.  Even if you go for a simple  jean and white t-shirt, you can add a beautiful flowing kimono, or a soft over-sized cardigan,  maybe a cute pair of sandals or a wide brimmed hat.  Add a cap and gown, beautiful headband, or flower  wreath to bring in a whimsical touch to your outfit.  Whatever you chose make sure the accessory coordinates with your outfits and adds a stylish, elegant touch.

tia (3 of 4).jpg
Julianna 13.jpg
Kamdyn (1 of 1).jpg

Let's look at some Do's and Don'ts to make your portrait style perfect!.....


1.  choose an outfit that fits your personality and represents who you are.

2.  wear colors that compliment your skin tone.

3.  get your haircut or colored at least a week before your session.

4.  WEar make-up but keep it natural.

5.  accessorize! accessorize!!



11.  very small busy prints.

2.   Anything with too much contrast on top & Bottom.

3.  Colored undergarments & shirts that show your bra straps.

4.   Overly short shorts, dresses, skirts, etc.

5.   Ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing.  make sure it fits just right!

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