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Style Guide

This time in your life is a start to another new journey.  And bringing in a new bundle of joy is a happy and joyful time. So when it comes to capturing the moments shortly before their arrival, you want your preparation and portrait session to be as easy as it can be.  Choosing an outfit while pregnant can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially since your body has consistently changed the past eight months!  So below are some guidelines to help you choose the right outfit for your maternity session.

Clothes on Rack

There are many different styles that you can choose for your maternity session.  It is important to keep you outfits comfortable and fitting. Your styles should be  fool proof styles and your portraits should be effortless and stylish.  We all want to see that baby bump!.........



Dressing a pregnant you is much different than dressing a regular you.  A high wasted jean and short crop top shirt just doesn't look as appealing on a baby bump.  But different doesn't have to mean stressful!   Stick to items that flatter and accentuate your baby bump.  Whether its a peplum top or a tight dress the outfit should hug your baby bump and give you a fitted silhouette. A roomier dress also works, but add a belt or a sash.  You don't want people question whether or not you are pregnant or just had a few too many burritos.  So show off that baby bump!




There is a time to wear an uncomfortable outfit with heels and your maternity portraits are definitely not that time.  A lot of maternity session happen in place where you may need to walk a little.  You are already feeling a little uncomfortable, no need to make it worse.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes like flats.  As your body changes, so does the fit of your clothes.  You may be able to find non-maternity clothes that fit, but your best bet is to invest in the maternity dress or outfits that are made just for you and your baby bump.




Take pregnancy as an opportunity to play up the accessories.  Accessories allow for a variety shots to be captured.  Even if you go for a simple maternity jean and white t-shirt, you can add a beautiful flowing kimono, or a soft over-sized cardigan,  maybe a cute pair of sandals or a wide brimmed hat.  Add a beautiful headband, wrap or flower head wreath to bring in a whimsical touch to your outfit.  Whatever you chose make sure the accessory coordinates with you outfits and adds a stylish, elegant touch.

Let's recap & look at some Do's and Don'ts to make your portrait style perfect!.....


2.  Pick a color for your outfit that goes well with your skin tone.

3.  Accessorize your outfit!

4.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Avoid high heels!

5.  Wear more make up then normal, but not too much that it takes away from your beautiful face!

1.  Wear clothes that flatter your baby bump.



1.  wear high heels!  Keep it comfy, that baby bump is enough work!

2.  get a spray tan or a hair cut the week of your session.

3.  wear clothes that are unflattering to you and your baby bump.

4.  Wear colors that distract from you and remember your location. that way your clothes are appropriate.

5.  Don't worry!  relax and enjoy this special moment!

Whatever outfit you go with you will be glowing and beautiful in your portraits!  


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