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tips to relax

and have Fun

It is important to have fun during your Family session.  After all you want to look happy and joyful in those family photos!   Some of the best photos happen when you are relaxed and just having fun.  Once you have the outfits planned it should be smooth sailing from there.  If you are having trouble with selecting outfits head on over to my Family Style Guide for some tips to make it easy!  But if you've got that down, read below to see 5 tips to relax and have fun at your Family session.


#1 Location

When choosing a location pick somewhere that is easy for you and your family to enjoy each other.  If you have young children, picking a location where there are lots of people and distractions can make for a stressful session.  

#2 Activities

Activities are a great way to give your engagement session something fun and  natural to do while making the session individual and interesting.  Whether hiring a rowing boat on a lake, riding horses, hanging in a vintage car, riding bikes or checking out an antique market each provides a variety of fun filled shots!  It also helps your photographer get to know you to provide you with the session of your dreams because the more relaxed and comfortable you are the better your shots will be.

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#3 Dress Comfortably

Bringing in hobbies such as golf, boating, fishing  or board games are another way to make your shoots personal and comfortable.  They are an opportunity to show your personality!  Another way is to incorporate your pet!  Afterall they are a part of your family.  Animals are sure to make a shoot fun and exciting.

#4 Ask for Help

It is okay to ask for help!  As moms we want to do everything, but that only leads to more stress.  So whether its before or during a session don't  be afraid to take a little off your plate.  Schedule an appointment to get your make-up done, bring a grandparent or a friend to help rangle in the kids or to make them laugh, or even have a stylist help you pick out your outfits.


#5 Don't Worry

It is important to remember, there will be stressful situations during your session.  Don't worry about getting the perfect shot.  Kids will be kids, babies will cry and clothes may get a little dirty.  As long as you stay positive and happy, your children will feed off of your energy.  I always tell moms don't stress, we are trained to capture those moments that sometimes seem far and few between. So don't worry it will all work out and the portraits will be beautiful!


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