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Style Guide

                            Engagement Portraits are the start to your wedding journey! So you don't want to stress or feel the pressure about what to wear to make your session perfect.  The decision on what to wear can be a daunting task.  There are two of you and you want your outfits to match your personalities and personal style.  Not to mention you can slide over the fine line of cliche or too matchy-matchy.  Well don't worry because below I have put together some engagement session outfit tips and most importantly the do's and don'ts to make your portraits look fabulous and your wedding journey off to a great start!

There are many different syles that you can choose for your engagment session.  It is important to keep you portraits consistent with the feel or theme of your wedding. Your styles should be  fool proof styles and your portraits should be effortless and stylish.

Colorful & Casual

This method makes for easy choices and is meant to suit everyone no matter what their personality is.  For the ladies, it is important to have a pop of color.  So whether your color is blue, purple, pink or green it is important to start with you and find an outfit that adds the right splash of that color.  Make sure that the color compliments your skin tone.  However, you want to go the opposite direction for any shoes.  Keep it neutral.  We don't want the highlight of the portrait to be your feet! Its about the two of you!  So pop of color in the outfit and a neutral at the bottom.  Jewelry should enhance the outfit with a matching or coordinating color.  But keep it simple! This style is meant to be casual.  If you are going for a casual dress, try using belts to sinch the waist, it will make the dress more flattering.  If you are wearing a blouse and pants, make sure that they are form fitting so that it will give you more shape and not appear that you are larger then you are.  Once you have picked your color have your fiance wear a shade that compliments your color.  Don't make it matchy-matchy!  But stick to the same tone.  A good button up shirt with some jeans or khaki pants.  Again keep the shoes neutral and basic.  Try to not have too many logos.  But most of all make sure that your outfits are comfortable and not to stiff and have a vibrant and colorful tones.  This look can work for any season!

Dressed Up



This is your fancy  more traditional method.  It is your stylish formal engagement portrait.  Here there are no jeans, over-sized sweaters or tennis shoes!  You are dressed to impress and these portraits tend to have a classy upscale effect.  Ladies, go for a long flowing dress or a short tight dress.  Find laces and fabrics that look expensive.  Keep the dress close to a solid color, too many colors can look more chaotic. You want these pictures to be sleek!  For shoes coordinate with some heels that give your dress its finish.  Jewelry is a must and should coordinate with your outfit but not out shine that ring!  For your fiance wear a neutral suit or blazer with dress pants and a neutral dress shirt.  Some neutral colors would be tan, black, gray, or navy blue.  Go for a tie or pocket square that has that coordinating color to compliment your Lady.  Wear a brown or black dress shoe (do not wear white shoes!)  If your style and wedding is more formal then this is the method for you.  Your portraits will be elegant and timeless!




This method is effortless and feels like you just let others peek into your world.  Keep the clothes loose and layered.  This is where you don't want to feel too stiff or ridged.  Rather loose, relaxed and light.  With this you want to bring up the contrast with a mix of deep and light neutrals with a small hint of color.  We want these outfits to feel easy.  Ladies, try a neutral shirt with little pattern on it.  Layer it with a over-sized cardigan with a hint of color.  Or chose to wear an over-sized sweater with neutrals and a splash of color.  If you bring color into your top pair with a neutral bottom like a jean or neutral colored leggings. If you go with an all neutral top add a pant with a little pop of color or pattern. Here you can choose some easy slip on shoes or a low or high boot.  Keep the jewelry light, neutral and easy, no over-sized earrings, necklaces or bracelets.  For your fiance, go for a neutral undershirt with a flannel that compliments your lady's outfit (If she is wearing a flannel, you do NOT wear a flannel also).  Or you can go for a short or long-sleeved t-shirt that has neutral colors.  Pick your shade of jeans that compliments your lady.  No dressy shoes here, try some  casual loafers or tennis shoes that are either black brown or gray.  This is a foreshadowing of your wedding to come, it can reflect a cozy, inviting vibe that tells your guest to relax and enjoy the day!


Match your Man!

Yes I know I said don't be too matchy-matchy!  But there is a way to match without going overboard.  This method can be dressy or casual, but lends to a more contemporary feel.  Ladies, choose a neutral color like black, grey or navy.  These colors tend to not overwhelm the portrait.  To add a little contrast and variety pair it with a sequin, embellishments, leathers or maybe even a feather in the same color or slightly different tone of the color.  We want to add visually appealing textures to give the outfits some pop.  Pair a neutral top with a textured skirt or pants, or vice versa.  Wear a shoe that matches the color you choose.  For your fiance, wear a button up or t-shirt with the same neutral color as your lady.  You could also pair it with a blazer or a sweater with a small stripe or light pattern.  Wear a shoe that is the same color as your pants, blazer and top.  If you really want to add another color, a pop in a pocket square or lapel pin or watch can do the trick.  This is probably the cheesiest look of all of them, but who doesn't love a good cheesy romance!  The monochromatic allows your personalities and affection take center stage!

Let's recap & take a look at some

Do's and Don'ts to make your portrait style perfect!.....


1.  Wear colors that compliment eachother and don't get too matchy matchy.

2. WEar make-up that is natural and compliments your skin tone.

3.  Get your hair cut and outfits planned and finished at least a week before your session.

4.  wear an outfit that fits your style and makes you feel comfortable.




1.  wear any logos, super complicated patterns or awkwardly bright colors.

2. get a spray tan the day before or the day of your session.

3. be afraid to get help with your make-up or your hair.  If your not comfortable, ask for help!

4.  be too matchy matchy!

5.  don't forget to have fun!  the less stressed the better you will look and feel!