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Simi Valley, California


If you are looking for an easy location that is mere steps from where you parked your car, then this is your location.  There are several backdrops that you can take portraits at and all are within a few steps of each other.  Choose either the beautiful green grassy area under the tree, the lush succulents with the fountain waterfall , the stone contemporary building. or all three!  When the sun hits this location it glows beautifully.  So if you are looking for options and ease this is your spot!



Simi Valley, California

Rolling grassland with beautiful large oak trees and a jaw dropping sunset glow is what you will get when you take your portraits at Chumash Trail.  Depending on the season you will get rich green fields that can sprout yellow mustard flowers or dry grass that bring a bright and warm backdrop to your portraits.  This location is about a five minute walk from your car, but is well worth it!



Pasadena, California

Love the look of the city?  Especially an old weathered city with charm and texture? Then old town Pasadena is your spot.  With its brick walls, metal doors, wood gates, old windows and little side streets each with a different look you can go wrong.  It will also provide many different options for portrait backdrops.  This spot does require some walking so if you have a hard time getting around this may not be the location for you.  You will also find that you will need to pay for parking there.  


Thousand Oaks, California


Conejo Creek Park is another location that is easily accessed.  It is a beautiful park filled with large trees, grassy areas and a couple of great bridges.  This is a popular location and when the sun is setting there is adds a beautiful glow to your portraits.  Parking is steps from the session location.

Malibu, California



Have you ever dreamed of having those dreamy beach portraits with the waves crashing in the background on beautiful rocks and sea cliffs?  El Matador State Beach is that beach.  Once you get there you take a walk down the cliff to the bottom where the beach is.  When the tide is low there are stunning rock formations that are spread out across the sand.  When that sun hits the water as it slowly goes down you get portraits that are straight out of a magazine!  When planning your session for this location tides play an important part on whether or not this location will work.  But, if it does these portraits are beautiful.