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What to Expect

We found a photographer! now what?

Once you have your contract and deposit taken care of, the next step is planning your engagement session. If you aren’t doing an engagement session, I don’t really need any information from you until wedding timeline specifics start getting nailed down. Haven't started the process?  Click below to set up a consultation.

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My engagement session is coming up! what should i know?

First, you need to decide on a date to shoot your engagment session.  Schedule it early enough so you can use them in your invitations or save the dates.  Next, pick a location that fits with your wedding style or is special to you and your fiance. Last, choose outfits that compliment you and represents who you are!  If you need more help click below and head on over to my Engagement Style Guide and session helps for more tips!

wedding day is almost here! whats the timeline?

About a month or so before the big day you should have an idea of the timeline for the day, if you are not sure you can also ask your photographer how much time should be given for different photography opportunities.  I send out a wedding day questionnaire about two weeks before to get more personalized details for the day.  Make sure to get all that information back to your photographer at least a week before your wedding day.  Remember in your timeline to allow time for gathering of family or moving locations! Click below to see a sample timeline.

its the big day! what is going to happen?

Following the timeline is a big help, but things don't always go according to plan.  Don't stress!  Trust your wedding planner and/or photographer to keep the photos rolling and capturing all your special moments.  Be vocal with your photographer, let them know if there are photos not listed you would like to capture or any suggestions you might have.  Remember to relax and enjoy the day!

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You are married! Now what?

YOU MADE IT! You got married and lived to tell the tale, and I’ve got photos to prove it. Expect your photos within a few weeks of your wedding. You’ll receive a link to a password-protected online gallery that houses all of your photos, and you can share it with whomever you’d like. You’ll also receive links to download the full-size versions of your files electronically. You can pass those links around to anyone you’d like to. Sharing all of your wedding photos with your friends and family is as easy as hitting “forward” on the email I send you. Feel free to share away! Email, facebook, twitter, whatever…pass those photos around! Click below to see a sample gallery.

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